Shy Little One.

Shy Little One.

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I watched a raccoon on a warm, sunny evening as he lazily sat upon a branch high in the breeze....when all of a sudden a brilliant, bright butterfly gently landed just below him on a leaf. The raccoon's eyes lit up with curiosity at the brilliance of it's colours, as it's wings slowed to a soft flutter.

The raccoon reached out to touch the butterfly, and lightly it lifted itself toward the sky. The raccoon reached for it once more with his little hands eager to touch what his eyes adored. The butterfly would not come close enough for the raccoon to touch and in puzzlement the raccoon stared and watched the brilliant, bright butterfly flutter in the air.

Printed on 300gsm thick paper, water and fade proof. Also allow 10 days for A2 as this is custom printed for you on 200gsm satin photographic paper.

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